About EurIng Xosé Carreira

About Me

Hello, I am EurIng Xosé Carreira MSc CEng MICE MBCS and, as you can guess from the designatory letters, engineering is my way of life.

As a kid, I wanted to be like Da Vinci: I loved to build all kinds of strange things and test their limits. Now, I am a versatile and multilingual engineer passionate about computer modelling and simulation. By combining a sound knowledge of civil engineering and computer science with great social skills, I strive to meet both clients' desires and community needs.

Moreover, as a chartered engineer and member of several professional associations, my commitment to lifelong learning and continuous professional development is firm. I have taken distance and blended learning courses at some of the most prestigious engineering and management institutions.

English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish... I am able to communicate fluently in all of them. Do not hesitate to contact me for professional advice or to schedule a video call.