I am a polyglot chartered civil engineer with experience in consultancy and training for structural and water design. Alone or as a member of a team with other colleagues of Deskia Consult, I can help you in a wide variety of engineering reports.

 - Structures: industrial buildings of concrete and steel, water tanks, pipe racks, heavy duty flooring, equipment foundations, pressure vessels, towers and antenna wires.

 - Water: flood risks, erosion, storm tanks, waste water structures, maritime reparations, catchment, piping and pumping, drainage and water quality. Environmental impact and sustainability assessment. Resilient infrastructures for extreme climate conditions.

 - Technical writing: feasibility reports, requirements documentation, user manuals, literature reviews, advocacy of technical solutions and effective presentations in several languages.

Do not hesitate to communicate your needs: I will try my best to find the best potential solutions for you.